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simple type glass tube level gaugesimple type glass tube level gauge

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GZS-X Bi-color glass tube level gauge with lampGZS-X Bi-color glass tube level gauge with lamp
1) C-C: 300~2200mm
2)working temp.: -20~1000
3) Pressure: PN0~13MPa
4) lamp power:24VDC or 220VAC
black and white color level indicatorblack and white color level indicator
1) C-C: 300~2200mm
2)working temp.:-20~450
3) Pressure: PN0~6.4MPa
4)quartz tube test pressure:13MPa
5) Transmit color: nature color
GZS-A bi-color Quartz glass tube level gaugeGZS-A bi-color Quartz glass tube level gauge
1) C-C: 300~2200mm
2) Working temp.: -20~450
3) Pressure: PN0~6.4MPa
4) Tube test pressure:13MPa
5) Green for liquid,red for air
GZS-G high pressure bi-color quartz tubular level gaugeGZS-G high pressure bi-color quartz tubular leve

1) flange center to center: 300~1000mm
2) working temperature: 450
3) nominal pressure: 10MPa
4) meter material:carbon steel or SS304
GZS-C glass tube level gaugeGZS-C glass tube level gauge
Temperatuare: <100;
Measure range: 300~5000mm;
pvc glass tubular level indicatorpvc glass tubular level indicator
C-C: 250~5000mm;
Transparent pvc tube;
cock/glass tube Material: PVC
Quartz Glass Tubular Level GaugeQuartz Glass Tubular Level Gauge
working pressure:6.3MPa/10MPa,
Working pressure:-20~450,
C-C distance:300~2200mm
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