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Magnetic Flowmeter(Seriflux type)

Electromagnetic Flowmeter Converter selection (Seriflux type)is special for measuring paper pulp, mud, pulp, Coal Water Slurry etc medium electromagnetic flowmeter, the products with high frequency or double-frequency excitation way, effectively improve the ability of grout noise signal, good stability, convenient operation, measuring the levels of concentration 5% ~ 40%.


1.    Product characteristics

Electromagnetic Flowmeter Converter selection (Seriflux type)

n   Measuring with high medium concentration :High frequency or double-frequency excitation way, ensure the measuring accuracy and sensitivity; eliminate seriflux medium when passing the electrode surface and making pointed wave noise interference, which can be suitable for measuring Seriflux, reality kinds of frequency combination, adapt to different medium calibration environment.

n   Measuring tube have no choke flow or moving parts, especially suitable for parts liquid-solid two-phase flow, such as: paper pulp, mud, pulp, and Coal Water Slurry measurement, seriflux concentration mass ratio of 40%,in normal time changes less than 5%.

n   High measuring accuracy: Measuring accuracy: ±0.5%of the value displayed.

n   High speed responsibility: speed responsibility≥0.8SWith a damping coefficients adaptive ability.

n   Low conductivity requirements: Measurement accuracy not subject to the impact of changes in medium viscosity, temperature, pressure, density etc other physical change, conductivity≥20μS/cm.

n   high precision anti-interference ability:The unique noise processing technology, digital filter, can filter pipeline, electrode to dirt of interference.

n   Displays the abundance contents:Displays the total flow, the instantaneous flow flow rate and the percentage of flow etc contents.


2.    Seriflux type Electromagnetic Flowmeter Converter performance introduction

n   Displays( contents optional )

Display and push-buttons: The three-line LCD display with back lighting can display the percentage of flow, the instantaneous flow and the total flow .four infrared ray touch nubs, which is used to data set.

n   The internal accumulation of calculators

As for total forward and reverse flow measurement and a total gross amount can achieve 10 accumulates computation.

n   Power supply: two types optional

l   Alternating Current AC(100 ~ 230) 15% V, 47 to 440 Hz, the biggest power consumption for 80 W.

l   Direct Current DC11~40V, the biggest power consumption for 80 W.


3.    Output

1.     Analog quantity

4~20Ma /load resistance≤650Ω  two road analog quantity output divided into forward and reverse flow.

2.     Double pulse

Reflect forward and reverse flow, is 0~2000Hz Square wave or fixed pulse signalPulse repetition frequency, the stop frequency and the pulse width on the parameters are set can be programmed. Within the scope of the random integer value, Be quarantined protection output crystal turn-on, electricity≤ 150 mA, open voltage < 35 V.

3.      Double alarm

programming with the following parameters: upper and lower flow, blank pipe detection; Error conditions; Forward/reverse flow; Polarity (often open/often closed) within the prescribed scope of the simulation, within the prescribed scope of pulse (frequency); The stop frequency pulse such as the output of the output protection isolation transistor turn-on, electricity≤ 150 mA, at this time so that can produce 0 V voltage open voltage < 35 V.

note: don't isolated with frequency output

n   Input: With external isolation of contacts closed cumulative calculator reset.note: Not with pulse and alarm isolationIsolated in the analog, pulse quantity/alarm signal and ground between, isolation voltage for dc 500 V.

n   Temperature: Working temperature:  -25oC ~+60oC.

n   External environment protection: Protection standard: IP65.

n   Configuration: Configuration is in a nonvolatile storage (usually it can be save 10 years ). The value pre-set by user can change.


n   Self diagnosis: Converter can confirm that the hardware is normal or not, can fault diagnosis finding, for example coil drive failure etc.

n   Flow rate set: Equivalent to maximum velocity≤ (12 m/s) percent of the flow measurement range, this range can be changed.

n   Interchangeability: Converter can exchange use with our various diameter sensor.

n   At the scene can configuration for converter, replace converter will not affect the characteristics of the system.

n   The fuse seal: M20 * 1.5 seal sets, please explain when the consumer has special request.

n   Time Constant: From 1 second to 120 seconds are all programmable.

n   Display orientation:  A figure that in the direction: choose the one-piece electromagnetic flowmeter, because the pipeline to reason that will make the direction of the converter not for observation, this is through the option to show the direction to meet (horizontal or vertical ).

n   Ex-proof performance (Detailed refer to explosion-proof parameters GB3836.1); this electrical equipment, except in coal mine, can be used in all other explosion gas.


4.     Function

n  Complete configuration: engineering unit optional, such as flow ratio, flow unit, all output etc.

n  Blank pipe detection: ensure show “0” when blank pipe

n  Interchangeability: converter/sensor can be interchanged and do not affect performance

n  Test mode: even if haven’t connected with sensor, it can also test various outputs and display function.

n  Indication mode: no indicating, two-line indicating, 2-line indicating selectable.

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