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Vortex Flow Meter normal type

Vortex Flowmeter / Swirl Flowmeter

Working principle:
Vortices occur alternately and regularly to the right and left under a given condition downstream of an object (delta shape bluff body) placed in the flow. This vortex is called Karman vortex, enabling you to know the flowrate from the frequency created. A vortex flowmeter is applicable to liquid, gas, and steam. It has no moving parts and features low pressure loss. It is an easy-to-use flowmeter with high durability and repeatability and is widely adopted in various fields including calorie transactions and calorie control.

2-wire Compact Design

Digital Signal Processor

Converter Technology


Vortex flowmeter       

Integrated switching output ¡ª Used as limit contact or pulse output

Swirl flowmeter for very short steadying zones                                

Approvals for explosion protection              

Compensation of temperature influences by means of temperature measurement integrated as an option 


¡¤  gas, liquid, steam;

¡¤  battery power supply;

¡¤  DN20mm~DN300mm or bigger

¡¤  Accuracy: +/-1%, +/-1.5%(0.5, 0.2% is negotiable)

¡¤  Flange or clamp-on

¡¤  Medium temperature: - 40 ¡ãC ~ 250 ¡ãC, 350 ¡ãC and 40 ¡ãC ~

¡¤  Nominal pressure: 2.5 Mpa ( or > 2.5 Mpa)

¡¤  4-20 mA: pulse output;

¡¤  Power supply: 24 V; 3.6 V lithium battery

¡¤  Instrument structure: combination, separation type

¡¤  Explosion-proof marks: Exib ¢ò CT6

¡¤  Transmission distance: distance from sensor to secondary indicator up to 1000 m

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