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Vertical free float steam trap

1.energy conservation steam trap 2.high quality steam trap 3.highly active steam trap.

Vertical Installation Free Float Steam Trap / Ball Float Steam Trap

Product overview


Free float ball steam trap has a simple structure, with a stainless steel hollow floating ball inside of body, as the floater also switch part, long service life, widely used to discharge condensate and non condensable gases with a negligible consumption or loss of live steam, at the some time furthest to prevent leaks of steam .



 Product Features


1. Lapped stainless steel float improves pressure strength, sealing Performance and corrosion resistance.
2. with only one moving part, the float, reliable in operation and has Long service life.
3. Installed with automatic air venting unit to prevent steam locking, and Rapid start-up is provided.
4. Continuously discharges condensate with low noise.
5. Back pressure rate up to 80%.


 Working Principles

When equipment starting, inside air is drained through Y series automatically, low temperature condensate flow into the valve, water level rises, then valve opens, condensate drained out swiftly, and steam come into the device, Y series expansion and closed automatically, steam trap starts to work normally, floating ball rises along with water level, to open or stop flow through the channel without steam leaks, excellent energy saving effects.



This  trap is suitable for saturated steam main pipe, steam tracer, steam heating equipment and condensate recovery system.

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