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Multifunctional Water Level Controller

water pump controller
see water level directly from the red/green bi-color column.

Water Pump Controller
SC-6 is an intelligent boiler water controller, can assemble with electrode type water level sensor. The instrument adopts the unique design and anti-jamming technology, inside built-in single-chip microcomputer as intelligent protection module, to ensure the boiler safe operation. The meter is the necessary instrument in industrial boiler liquid level automatic controlling and safety operation.

Function: boiler water level automatically control, bi-color display water, high level and low level alarm; boiler water shortage and steam over pressure audible and visual alarm. Automatic interlock protection;
Stop blower, air inducing and fire grate such combustion system automatically control.
Switch control: Relay output water extreme high level, high level, low level and low low level contact output to connect with other device realize control, interlock and alarm, to ensure the safe operation of the boiler.

Alternating current to assure water level alarming, control and interlocking more reliable.
Simple installation, don't need to debug;
intelligent electrode fault judgment and indicating ("E" is mean electrode fault)
has super high level, high and low water level, ultra-low water level and overpressure sound and light alarm;
with low water level, and low water level, the overpressure interlock switch (normally closed)
has a very high level, high water level and low water level alarm switch (normally open) output
with simulation of boiler water level with double color display (red for vapor phase, green represents water)
with water level digital and beams, according to the dual display eye-catching
With 4-20 mA. DC output current, adaptation to PLC and computer control
Boiler water feeding pump "manual and auto switching" function.
has the boiler water feeding automatic control function
Automatic identification of inverter, outside electromagnetic interference, power pollution.
alternating current power supply, effectively prevent the electrode fouling;
intelligent alarm sound silence and recovery function;
safety water level protection function
1 to 6 electrodes sensor, electrode number can be set arbitrary
This controller is applicable to all other switch type sensor,
Main technique parameter

power:  220V/50HZ,regular energy consumption ¡Ü1W
Meter working temperature:0~50ºC;relative humidity:¡Ü85%
Outer Structure size:80*160*160(160*80*160)
Hole opening size:152*76(76*152)

alarming: interlocking switch output contact rate: 5A/220VAC,3A/380VAC 
water level output signal:standard type 4~20mADC
The Product is manufactured by Tianjin U-ideal Instrument Co. Ltd. (An ISO 9001:2008 Company) 
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