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Split Type Coriolis Force Mass Flow Sensor Meter

Split Type Coriolis Force Mass Flow Sensor Meter

Product Description

 Introduction of U-ideal Coriolis mass flow meter
(1) The Coriolis force mass flowmeter can measure the mass flow rate directly, and won't be affected by the measured medium temperature, pressure, density, viscosity. 
(2) The Coriolis mass flowmeter Don't need Straight pipe before and after the installation.
(3) The Coriolis mass flowmeter measurement accuracy is high, up to + 0.1%~ + 0.2% R; And wide range ratio 1:100.
(4) The Coriolis mass flowmeter have options of all-in-one type and split type, LCD, explosion-proof type, temperature insulating model. 
(5) The Coriolis force mass flowmeter is suitable for various liquid, such as corrosive liquid, smudgy medium, suspension, two phase liquid (gas content in liquid <10% in volume, if air content big, please add air eliminator), etc.
High precision of CMF series of Coriolis force mass flowmeter is mainly used to measure the instantaneous mass flow rate and cumulative mass flow, instantaneous volume flow and cumulative volume flow, at the same time also can display the medium temperature, medium density or concentration. It is mainly suitable for the following industries:
(1) he Toil industry, such as diesel, gasoline, heavy oil fuel metering; Crude oil output measurement, moisture content, the single well production; Crude oil loading and unloading metering, etc.;
(2) The chemical industry, such as toluene, xylene, butanone, cyclohexanone, n-butyl alcohol, isobutyl alcohol, methylene chloride, chloroform, liquid sulfur, lactam etc;
(3) The power industry, such as heavy oil, diesel fuel oil metering, slurry density meter limestone-gypsum wet desulphurization;
(4) The food, pharmaceutical industries, such as chocolate syrup, milk, fruit juice, pharmaceuticals, BPC (bulk pharmaceutical chemicals) measurement (clamp type healthy connection type);
(5) In other industries, such as mortar measurement of solar silicon wafer multi-line cutting machine, measurement of pulp papermaking industry, power plant desulfurization serous densimeter, fine chemical raw material proportioning, asphalt measurement, etc.
High precision CMF series of Coriolis force mass flowmeter can also be used as a densitometer, concentration meter. At the time of the flow and temperature measurement, can measure the density of the medium, the concentration of the solution and the mixing parameters such as the concentration of the two liquids respectively.
For example: syrup concentration (sugar) measurement in sugar mill, alcohol content measurement in brewery; mortar flow, temperature and density measurement of Solar silicon wafer wire cut machine; limestone slurry density measurement; red liquid concentration measurement in sewage treatment plant; Lead plant pulp density measurement; Iron ore pulp density measurement, copper plant pulp density measurement, sand (sediment) concentration measurement in sand-excavating ship, oil and water content measurement in oil field, etc
Working principle:
The structure of Coriolis Mass Flow Meters was consisted of a pair of bended tubes. The principle is to detect Coriolis force forced a pair of tubes from inner mass flow by fluid.
A new force¡ªCoriolis force (picture 1) would be appear while two conditions met: (1) vibrating with normal frequency in a pair of bended tubes, (2) fluid flowing in tubes. This force was produced upon synthesis from vibrating force and flowing force by fluid in tubes. And tubes would be wresting symmetric the center line because the force forced . Two displacement sensors on sides of tubes detect the force and output electric signals. The signals regulated, mass flow directly produced 
Density measuring: Mediums of different density flow through the sensor, the vibration frequency of the vibration pipe is different, so can calculate the medium density by the vibration frequency.
Temperature measuring: Platinum resistance Installed on the sensor vibration pipe can indirectly measured the temperature of the medium.

Titles Technical Specifications
Mass flow accuracy ¡À[0.2% +(zero stability /flow rate¡Á100%)]
Mass flow repeatability ¡À(1/2)¡Á[0.2%+(zero stability /flow rate¡Á100%)]
Density range 0.2 g/cm 3 ~3.5g/cm 3
Density accuracy ¡À0.002g/cm 3
Temperature range -60ºC~+200ºC
Temperature accuracy ¡À1ºC
Output of current loop 4mA~20mA
Output of frequency/pulse 0Hz~10kHz
Contact rating of a Batch Control relay 24V/0.1A
Contactor form normal open

Specs Line Sizes (mm) Flow Range (t/h) Calibration Range (t/h) Max. Tube Pressure (MPa) Zero Stability (t/hr) Velocity
(h m/t s)
DN1 1 0~0.04 0.004~0.04 30.0 0.000008 353.7
DN3 3 0~0.35 0.035~0.35 30.0 0.000067 39.3
DN6 6 0~0.7 0.07~0.7 30.0 0.00016 19.65
DN10 10 0~1.2 0.12~1.2 30.0 0.0002 4.912
DN15 15 0~6.4 0.64~6.4 4.0 0.0011 2.183
DN25 25 0~16 1.6~16 4.0 0.002 0.902
DN40 40 0~40 4~40 4.0 0.003 0.334
DN50 50 0~65 6.5~65 4.0 0.006 0.197
DN80 80 0~160 16~160 2.5 0.01 0.0873
DN100 100 0~250 25~250 2.5 0.015 0.0544
DN150 150 0~550 55~550 2.5 0.03 0.0239


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